Agriculture remains, without a doubt, the most important industry in the world

Our main object of activity is the trade of cereals, but also of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides in Europe, at convenient prices. We aknowledge the specifics of the industry and the difficulties related to growing and harvesting cereals, and where we see the potential for improvement, we participate with innovative, modern solutions adapted to the customersț expectations.

Agropromfin Grain LTD - Your partner in agriculture

We also offer grain trade between Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania and vice versa, increasing the trade market in recent years by including collaboration with Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, and the expansion of the sales market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, countries where we use the advantages of the common market: the European Union.

Last but not least, we provide agricultural services performed with the most efficient machines in the world and we automate sheds and silos.

In addition to the grain trade, which is the main activity of Agropromfin, our company also covers the field of supplying inputs for the agricultural area, namely products such as diesel, chemical fertilizers and seeds or plant protection products. This range of services offered by our company, and the provision to our clients of all the products they need for the establishment of crops, and the possibility of purchasing their agricultural crops, is the natural result of our aim to offer our partners complete agricultural solutions, including consultation, and to establish profitable collaborative relationships for all parties.
We purchase and trade with the following cereals



Sunflower seeds




Investors' interest in real agricultural goods increases and as a result the existing investors in agriculture increase the level of fund allocations for this class of goods. For those who take the time to fully appreciate the motivations that drive the trend of investments in agricultural land and agriculture in general, it becomes very clear why.

The agribusiness sector in Europe represents a compelling investment opportunity for institutions and individuals who want to be exposed to investments in agricultural land and agricultural activity.


The motivation of investments in this sector is well documented in the global press.

  • It is estimated that the world's population will increase to 9 billion by 2050 (Source: UN DGSA)
  • The income and protein consumption is in continuous growth
  • Biofuels
  • Covering the risks of inflation
  • Uncorrelated class of goods

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